Loaded Potato Skins

A lot of potato skins recipes that I’ve seen are over complicated and require too many different steps for my liking.  For example, first you cook the potatoes.  And while the potatoes are cooking you cook the bacon.  Then you put some olive oil on the potatoes and return to the oven to broil. Then once the potatoes are cooked you do XYZ. I wanted a version with far less steps.  I’m not generally that lazy, but I really wanted to watch Varsity Blues without having to keep getting up to work on these bad boys.  Here’s what I came up with for a solution to my problem.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees then start by carving out the insides of your potatoes.  I used a spoon for mine but I know some people use an ice cream scooper or some other contraption.  Just find something that works for you.  I threw away the insides of the potato but feel free to keep the insides if you don’t like to waste stuff.  I also didn’t go all the way down to the skins.  I wanted more potato flavor but there’s no right/wrong way to do it.















I put diced jalapenos (bottom layer), 1 clove of very finely diced garlic (next layer) and shredded cheddar cheese (top layer) inside of the potato and topped it off with a half a piece of bacon.  Don’t be afraid to stack it up high because the cheese is going to melt down anyway and everything will collaspe a bit.  Next put them in the oven for about an hour.







While the potatoes are cooking you can prep your herbs that you want to put on top.  I diced up fresh oregano, fresh thyme, fresh basil and jalapenos and set it all aside in a bowel.  If that doesn’t sound delicious enough for you can you can obviously experiment with just about anything.






Once you remove the potatoes from the oven, check one of them with a fork to make sure they’re thoroughly cooked. You might even want to cut into one of them and take a bite just to be doubly sure.  If you add all of your fresh herbs before on top before you check them you might possibly discover that they need to go back in the oven if not cooked all the way through.  If that happens then you run the risk of possibly burning your herbs when you put them back in the oven.  It’s not the end of the world if you do…but just take that into consideration.  Add some more cheese to the top and then add your fresh herbs on top of the cheese.  When they’re finished they should (or could) look something like this:


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